Woodland Tilt-Up / Case Study


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In 1987, Woodland commissioned EWD to create the corporate identity for their new construction company named Woodland Construction. Today, the original logo we designed is still in use with only a change in typographic styling to denote the name change of the company.

Challenge / Discovery
The commission to design a new website led to EWD rethinking of what Woodland is to their clients. Using our Branding Reveal™ process, it became clear that as well-known leaders in Tilt-Up construction, that the construction part of their name might be a hindrance. We suggested a name change from Woodland Construction to Woodland Tilt-Up, and created a new tag line “Tilt-Up from the ground up”, which reveals who they are today and opens the way to new areas of business that they are interested in developing.

The Reveal: Behind the Scenes
Color plays an important role in an identity program, defining its personality, and becoming a distinguishing element. Gray, the color of concrete was used by Woodland, and was a favorite of other tilt-up companies. Industry associations used gray and blue. We looked for a color that was bold and strong, that could be used in conjunction with gray. Construction safety vests are bright orange, can be easily seen, are associated with the industry, and was not being used by other companies.

New Name: Woodland Construction became Woodland Tilt-Up.

New Tagline: Tilt Wall Specialists became Tilt-Up from the ground up.

Position Strategy: Claim their place as the leader in Tilt-Up innovation.

Solution / Results
Woodland has earned a stellar reputation in their industry and with their new strategic branding; they are better equipped to enter new markets. Their updated corporate identity, from the logo and new typographic format, modern color scheme, and vehicle signage, are elements that will help transform their tomorrow.

Upon approval of their corporate registration, a Brand Standards manual will be developed, which will include all the specifications guidelines needed to maintain brand integrity. Additional strategic marketing directions are being developed.